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    Blown Cones Single Launch


    Blown Cones launching our new single High Horse/Rabbits at the fabulous Labour in Vain on May 20th. Free entry and 2 sets. It's going to be fun, so tell all your friends and we hope to see you there

    The Blown Cones are a lounge room based band that was formed, well climbed out of the primordial bedroom, in 2000 and something. The founding members, Mike Hager and Andrew Bailey, got together after Chris Altmann’s Que Paso disbanded and Mike was left bored. Luckily Bailey had lots of amps and lots of acoustic guitars (weirdly no electrics to plug into all the amps) and his lounge room quickly became the first studio/stage. After what seemed like a month of months, Melbourne musos, Jeff Samin and Nick Murphy, chanced on hearing that catchy overalls-in-a-tumble-dryer style rhythm and joined in the fun. Nick had other engagements and couldn’t commit full time, but even to this day is still our silent keyboard player. (listen) We enlisted the services of drummer and soccer fan John Dunton who was the only one who could keep abreast (for want of a better word) of the new beat. Sadly John passed away before we hit stardom, but his memory lingers on in the rhythm. Filling John’s shoes was not an easy task as we’d drunk all the beer. Mike finally found a replacement in Jaden Jones, a proficient guitarist, who wanted to play drums. Jaden’s snide sense of humour (again for want of a better word) was a hit with the band, and so we became the drab four. Attempting to describe the band’s style is as pointless as the use of the word style is questionable. If you can understand that last sentence, you should like the band.

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As anyone who has ever visited the Labour In Vain knows, music is pretty much baked into every fibre of the joint.

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