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    Chris Pickering Experiment


    The Experiment's next show is on Saturday November 18th at The Labour in Vain in Fitzroy. Two sets of unadulterated pop music masquerading as extended improvisation, exotic mysticism, and weltschmerz. 

    This story starts somewhere around here: in 2008 Chris Pickering decided to pack his bags and guitar, and relocate to one of the most competitive music cities in the world, Nashville, Tennessee. It was working and recording in Nashville that began to shape the future direction of his own unique songwriting style, a style that is to be found all through his latest releases, the EP Corners, and the release of his latest album Canyons in August 2016. This album contains all new material recorded in the United States in Nashville, TN, and Joshua Tree, CA.

    The five years that Chris spent in Nashville were a pivotal point in his evolution as a songwriter, the results of which will be become apparent on his new album, Canyons. Whilst in Nashville he befriended and played alongside many of the finest up-and-coming crop of songwriters and performers in Nashville, including Sturgill Simpson, Margo Price, Kelsey Waldon, Caitlin Rose, Cale Tyson, Kelsey Waldon, and numerous others. The album is the result of recordings that have been made at Bomb Shelter in Nashville, and Hicksville Studios in Joshua Tree, CA. Accordingly, Chris engaged the services of producer Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes) and up-and-coming Australian producer and artist Adrian Mauro (Machine Age) to help administer the final touches to his latest work.

    As with many of Chris’s recordings, he plays almost all the instrumentation on the album, with guest appearances from fellow Nashville musicians and band-members (Caitlin Rose, Mark Fredson, Grant ‘Big Smokey’ Johnson, and Michael Flanders), and Australian collaborators too (Ben Tolliday, Savannah Jo Lack, Chloe Turner).

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