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    BBQ Haque & Annual Leaf


    BBQ Haque

    Assembled by erstwhile outsider Alfred 'BBQ' Haque, famed in the Northern hemisphere for fine continental cuisine ... he now dabbles in the rougher nature of ze 'BBQ Australien' with variable results. His band BBQ Haque (& ze Briquettes) carry his name and apply his culinary legacy in a sizzling live performance. Just having recorded a new trau of mostly instrumental tracks resulting from their intense encounters with founder Alfred, BBQ Haque serve up a gritty morsel of 'french-afro-aussie-garagze-psych' noise to satisfy even the most hardened of music &/or food critiques. 

    Members (ingredients) are pseudo-francofiles but well-traveled musos Pâte Cruteau (aka Arthur Karanikas of Fraudband), Marquis de Cheminée (aka Marc Regueiro-McKelvie of Teeth & Tongue/Popolice/New Estate), Crèpe Suzette (aka Carla Bruce-Lee of Ashtray Boy/Cougar Vox) & Daniele Soufflé (aka Danny Martinov of the Exit Keys and other rabblerousers). Come and imbibe their eaux de vies! Night opened by Annual Leaf, originally from NZ now jangle-popping around Melbourne-town.

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