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  • Sat

    Wrong Turn


    Melbourne based Wrong Turn have been around for over a decade ......but we're not counting!

    Wrong Turn started life as a two piece (comprising of ex members of the Philisteins, Freeloaders,Seminal Rats, Hands of Time, Stoneage Hearts & Double Agents + others.....not a bad effort for 2 people!)
    - but now they come with a new improved recipe and 50% added low budget, low fat ingredient!..... a bass player!!
    These three likely lads are fuelled by cheap fizzy beer & ham sandwiches.
    With screaming guitars, primal drumming & unhinged vocals all up producing a blizzard of supercharged, supersonic blasting of originals while also pummeling new life into RnR relics, fusing 70s punk with 50s dementia.
    Go on! get some raw power rock'n'roll thrills into ya!

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Proud supporters of live and local music, we are members of Music Victoria and long-time sponsors of community radio stations RRR and pbsFM.

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