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    Tom Dockray Watty Thompson


    197a Doc Watson Brunswick Street drive, Laboriously Veiny home for the elderly, Fitzroy VIC 3065 (new listing)

    Investment opportunity!

    Thursday February 13th, 8:00pm (serious buyers only)

    137 sq.m 3-bedroom, 2.0 bathroom, multi-kerbside carpark Victorian corner townhouse set amongst leafy and panoramic 'safe-injection' district in 'shab-chic' condition featuring majestic views of lush surrounding Prius-lined laneways with 'functionally lit' public toilet facilities primarily aimed at the funky 'after-11pm' set.

    A renovators wet-dream waiting to be impregnated with the creative buyers vision - decorators whip yourself into a frenzy with this glorious multi-story floor plan abounding in tasteful seating opportunities fully equipped with ashtrays, tables and chairs to satisfy even the most deviant decorator's whim.

    Say goodbye to a life in beige with these genuine 1990's crimson carpets featuring well-worn pathways to mark entrances to the bathroom wing, putting even the most incontinent of buyers at ease during cases of unforeseen urethral malfunction.

    Plenty of cellar space for brewers looking to expand production based on strong forecasted growth for fiscal 2020 and continued investor interest from China, subject to tunneling approval.

    Free access to tasteful rock music most nights of the year, including but not limited to:

    13th February 2020 8pm:

    Tom Dockray + Watty Thompson + special guests


    Tom Dockray is a Tasmanian musician based in the grey copenhagen tundra who occasionally seeks refuge in the genial atmosphere of australian watering holes to refuel on the range of smith's variety chips, razor-sharp sports-related gossip and beer that isn't carlsberg.

    Occasionally noted for arranging consonants and vowels in ordinance with the rules set out in Merriam-Webster's dictionary of English usage, listeners have remarked that on balance they felt "none the worse" for attending his performances, with some even going further to claim they "might recommend" his music to others.

    This is Dockray's only Melbourne performance, and following a recent spate of creative activity this will no doubt serve to mildly entertain fans both old and new..

    Given the late notice attendance is not compulsory however names will be checked-off at the door and cross-referenced with previous attendance records to prevent the false dissemination of claims such as "I was definitely there but had to leave before you finished" etc etc.


    Watty Thompson is a both an engaging story-teller and Melbourne's highest-by-literage non-commercial 'personal use only' home brewer and marijuana cultivator. Famed for his theremin work in seminal Victorian rock and roll powerhouse Sheriff, Watty has also been known to fit unimaginably dense loads into the posterior of his commodore in a display of tetris skill other mortals could but only dream of. A navigator of Melbourne streets par-excellence, Thompson no doubt has some enlightening directions for us all.


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